2021/2022 Intern Pharmacist Position Available

Date Posted: 30+ days ago
Salary: $23.94 - $24.76 an hour

Job Description

We are a dynamic Community Pharmacy focused on providing Health Services and Informative counselling to our local community. Together with your selected (Monash/Guild etc) program, we will show you all different facets of Community Pharmacy, not just the boundaries of the dispensary. There are many opportunities to develop, contribute, help and grow with our local community's healthcare needs. Don't let Discount Pharmacy models be the norm, lets be more than just price. Lets build a business model that we can be proud and to help our community with Professionalism. Lets not put all 4 years of University knowledge to waste!


Customise your learning, depending on your abilities, to allow you the best opportunities to pass your Registration Exams.

Additional "Trial Exam" training provided closer to your Registration Exams.

We are training you with INTENT of offering you a Full Time job once you qualify (as agreed by both parties). Training and focus for you to span your wings and grow with us.

We value and encourage creative thinking, allowing you to contribute and develop problem solving skillsets.

Working Visa applicants welcome


    Inverloch, VIC

    Work type

    Full Time

    Role type

    Community pharmacy > Intern Pharmacist Full Year

    Salary range

    $23.94 to $24.76 hourly


    Bachelor Degree

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